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Video: Thrown from a Camel in Erg Chebbi

Technically it’s a dromedary. Whatever it is, this animal threw me to the ground with extreme prejudice.

Actually, I think it slipped on the angular top of the dune. When it began to go down, this image came to mind: my left left crushed under it’s weight. Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to roll off it when my left foot hit the ground.

I also had the presence of mind to press the record button, but only after the fall. I didn’t know my camera was recording during the…’event.’ I thought it was on pause. Powered on, but not recording. The video ends when I press the record button, thinking that I’m starting recording, when actually I’m stopping it.

Too bad no one got a wide shot of it. The POV shot will have to do.

(December 30, 2009 at Erg Chebbi, Morocco)

Music: “Heard Them Stirring” by Fleet Foxes.